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 if 2 ore condition*l type 2

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Conditional - if Clauses - Type Two
Type 2 - Second Conditional The second conditional(also conditional type 2) is a structure used for talking about unreal situations in the present or in the future. This conditional is usually based on unreal - imaginary events. These situations are most probably impossible to realize.
There is not a real possibility that this condition will happen.
For example,
You dream of having a million Dollars. Normally, You don't have that much money. it is impossible for you.
but you just imagine having a million Dollars and say: (by using this type of conditionals)
*.If I had a million Dollars, I would buy a house in Hawaii.
*.If I had a million Dollars, I would drive a Ferrari car. You just imagine what you can do with such amount of money.
I am ill now, so I won’t come with you. (this is reality in present and future)
If I weren’t ill, I would come with you. ( we use past time here, but the meaning is present.)
They live in London so we can’t see each other very often (reality in present time)
Conditional: If they didn’t live in London, we could see each other very often
She can’t buy that car, because she doesn’t have enough money. (reality in present time)
Conditional: She could buy the car if she had enough money.
I don't have any money, so I cannot lend you any.
If I had some money, I could give you some.
Situation:We won't go there because we don't like there.
We would go there if we liked there.
How to formSecond Conditionalsentence:
Rule and Form:
In second conditional sentences, we usually use the following structure:
if + simple past , would/could/might
If Ilivednear my office, I’d (would)be in time for work.
If Iwona million Dollars, Iwouldbuy a Ferrari car.
If Iwereyounger than you, Icouldfaster.
If the pricesweren’tvery high, wemightbuy a car.
If Idyedmy hair blue, everyonewouldlaugh at me.
If Ihada map, Iwouldlend it to you.
If hestudiedmore, hecouldpass the exam.
Iwouldlower taxes if Iwerethe President.
If Iwerea carpenter, Iwouldbuild my own table.
If Iwereyou, Iwouldn'tdrive so fast.
*.Simple Past
*.Past Continuous
*.could / had to
If Clause (condition part)We can useSimple past ,Past Continuous, Could / had to, shouldin the if clause part of a second conditional.
Simple past
If Ilivednear my office I’d be in time for work.
If Iwereyou, I wouldn’t go there.
Past Continuous
If heweren’tworkingnow, he could come to our party. (but he is working now)
If the babyweren’tsleeping, I would go out. (but he is sleeping)
Could / Had to
If shecoulduse computer, they would accept her for the job (but she can’t use computer)
If theyhadtoget up early, they would go to bed early. (but they don’t have to get up early)
Should (probability)
If thereshouldbe draught, we would have many problems.
Use of a comma
When we use if clause at the the beginning of the sentence weuse a comma(,) :
*.If Iwona million Dollars, Iwouldbuy a Ferrari car.
but when we use if clause at the end of the sentence wedon't use a comma:
*.Iwouldbuy a Ferrari carif Iwona million Dollars.
Example Sentences
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if 2 ore condition*l type 2
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