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 mixed clause of (f series)

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مُساهمةموضوع: mixed clause of (f series)   mixed clause of (f series) Icon_minitimeالسبت أكتوبر 17, 2015 4:22 am

Conditional - Mixed Type
How can we make mixed type Conditional?We can form mixed type conditional sentences by using onlyType 2 and Type 3.In fact, we have a condition and a result, one of which is past unreal condition and the other one is present unreal condition.
Mixed Type is formed by combining these past and present time in one conditional sentence.
There are two types of mixed conditional sentences:
1. Present result of past condition:The time to use in the'if'clause is the past perfect, and the time in the main clause is the present unreal conditional:
If Clause (Past Unreal Condition)Main Clause (Present Result)
Situation:Ididn’t eatbreakfast,
If Ihad eatenbreakfast,
Situation:Ispentall my money
If Ihadn't spent all my money,
Situation:I didn't work hard at school
If Ihad workedharder at school
Other Examples:
If wehad builta subway system 10 years ago,
If Ihad passedmy exam last year,
If they had looked at the map ,
so Iamhungry now.
Iwouldn’t behungry now.
so Iamat home now.
Iwouldn't beat home now.
so I don't have a better job now.
Iwould havea better job now.
the trafficwould not beso bad today.
Iwould not have tofollow this course now.
theywouldn't belost.
*.The room is cold now because you left the window open.The room wouldn’t be cold now if you hadn’t left the window open.
2. Past result of present conditionThe time to use in the'if'clause is the simple past, and the time in the main clause is the perfect conditional:
If Clause (Present - Continuing Condition)Main Clause (Past Result)
Situation:Heisa lazy student,
If heweren’ta lazy student,
If I didn't believe him,
so hecouldn't dohis homework.
hecould have donehis homework.
so Ididn't punishhim.
I would have punished him.
Other Examples:
*.He is a rude person, so he told me bad words. If he weren’t a rude person, he wouldn’t have told me bad words.
*.He didn't tell a lie because he's a reliable person.He would have told a lie if he weren't a reliable person.↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓→☺☺☺☺☹
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mixed clause of (f series)
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