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 Here's a very common and useful Expressions

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Here's a very common and useful Expressions Empty
مُساهمةموضوع: Here's a very common and useful Expressions   Here's a very common and useful Expressions Icon_minitimeالإثنين أكتوبر 12, 2015 1:00 pm

مصطلحات English تساعدك للتعبير عن شعورك ..!!..How to express your feelings in English
angry: غاضب
"She was angry with her boss for criticising her work."
"He made her very angry."
appalled: مصدوم
very shocked: "The staff were appalled to hear that they would all lose their jobs."
ashamed: خجلان
"How could you say such a thing? You should be ashamed of yourself!"
at the end of your tether = متضايق تماما
completely fed up: "The children have been misbehaving all day - I'm at the end of my tether."
bewildered = مرتبك
very confused: "He was bewildered by the choice and range of computers in the shop, and didn't know which one to buy."
betrayed = خائن للثقة
when your trust in someone is destroyed by what they do or say: "He betrayed my trust when he repeated my secret to everyone."
confused: ملخبط
"I'm sorry I forgot your birthday - I was confused about the dates."
confident = واثق من قدراته
sure of your abilities: "I'm confident that we can find a solution to this problem."
cheated = غششت خدعت
when you don't get something that you think you deserve: "Of course I feel cheated - I should have won that competition."
cross = غاضب جدا
quite angry: "I was cross with him for not helping me, as he said he would."
depressed = محبط
very sad: "After he failed his English exam, he was depressed for a week."
delighted = مسرور
very happy: "I'm delighted that I got the job. It's just what I always wanted."
down in the dumps = مكتئب
sad and fed up: "What's the matter with him? He's so down in the dumps these days."
disappointed: خاب أمله
"She was disappointed by her son's poor results at school."
ecstatic = منتشي
extremely happy: "When he asked her to marry him she was ecstatic."
excited: منفعل
"I'm excited by the new opportunities that the internet brings."
emotional = متهيج العاطفة
you have strong feelings )happy or sad( and you cry: "After the operation was over and he knew that he was healthy again, he became quite emotional."
envious = حسود
when you want something that someone else has: "I'm very envious of her happiness - I wish I was happy too."
embarrassed = خجلان
slightly ashamed: "I felt so embarrassed about what I said, that my face went bright red."
furious = في غاية الغضب
very angry: "I was furious with him for breaking my favourite vase."
frightened: خائف
"As a child she was frightened by the dark."
great = عظيم
very good: "I feel great today!"
happy: سعيد
"She was happy to hear the good news."
horrified: مرعوب
= very shocked: "I'm horrified by the amount of violence on television today."
irritated = annoyed: متضايق
"I get so irritated when he changes TV channels without asking me first."
intrigued = متحمس لمعرفة شيئ جديد
being so interested in something you have to find out more: "I'm intrigued to hear about your safari in Kenya - you have to show me the photos."
jealous = غيور
envious: "She was jealous of her sister's new toy."
jaded =يشعر بالملل
tired and having no interest: "New employees think this is a great company, but after 10 years here, I've seen it all and I just feel jaded."
lazy: كسول
"I can't be bothered to do anything today - I feel really lazy!"
lucky: محظوظ
"I'm going to play the lottery - I feel lucky today!"
let down : يشعر بالخذلان
"You said you would come to the meeting, but when you didn't, I felt really let down."
maternal :حنون كالأم
feeling protective and loving, like a mother: "Looking at my sister's new baby made me feel really maternal."
nonplussed : مرتبك
so surprised that you don't know what to do next: "I was so nonplussed by his sudden announcement that I couldn't say anything."
negative :غير مهتم
when you can only see the disadvantages: "I feel very negative about my job - the hours are too long and the pay is awful."
overwhelmed مغمور بعاطفة جياشة
so much emotion that you don't know what to say or do: "as overwhelmed by the offer of promotion at work."
over the moon = في غاية الإنبساط
delighted: "She was over the moon with her new bicycle and rode it every day for a whole year."
positive ايجابي
opposite of negative - seeing the good side of something: "She's a very positive person and never lets anything get her down."
positive متأكد
very sure: "Are you sure that's what you want? Yes - I'm positive."
pensive: كثير التأمل
thoughtful: "You're in a very pensive mood today. Is everything OK?"
relaxed: مسترخي
"I was completely relaxed after I came back from holiday."
reluctant = متردد
when you don't want to do something: "I'm reluctant to buy a new car - the one we have is fine."
seething : يكتم غضبه
extremely angry, but hiding it: "She was seething after her boss criticised her."
"It makes me sad to see all those animals in cages at the zoo."
frightened: "Are you scared of heights?"
being worried or anxious about something so you can't relax: "I really stressed at work - I need a break."
"He was stressed out by all the travelling in his job."
terrific :رائع
fantastic, really good: "I feel terrific today!"
terrible :فظيع
ill or tired: "I've got a blinding headache and I feel terrible."
terrified: مرعوب
very scared: "She's terrified of spiders and screams whenever she sees one."
tense : متوتر الأعصاب
not relaxed: "You look a bit tense. Did you have a bad day at work?"
upset = زعلان
angry or unhappy: "I'm sorry you're upset - I didn't mean to be rude."
unhappy = زعلان
sad: "I was unhappy to hear that I hadn't got the job."
victimised = يحس أنه ضحية
to feel you are the victim of someone or something: "My boss kept criticising me and not the others, so I felt quite victimised."
wonderful = رائع
great: "I felt wonderful after such a relaxing weekend
I hope that they are useful to you!!
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Here's a very common and useful Expressions
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